Key Performance Indicator Calls is here to handle your business’s sales calls anytime of the day, with the high-quality service you want each of your potential customers to receive. Don’t let your inbound calls go to voicemail or go unanswered. Let the professionals at KPI Calls answer your phones, so potential customers get to speak with a real person, each and every call.

Throughout the day or from season to season, your call load may fluctuate greatly, making it challenging to adequately staff your business. You may simply not be at a point to expand your workforce, or you may struggle to find short-term staff. KPI Calls gives you the flexibility to always have your sales calls answered by a professional, without the commitment that comes with hiring additional staff. What’s more, is we always deliver conversion rates that leave the competition in the dust.

A Real Person Answering Your Calls

Like our name, we focus on success and helping you provide the very best sales experience to your customers. Even though today’s technology makes it so that purchases can be easily made without ever talking to a real person, the reality is that most buyers want to speak to someone before making a purchase. And oftentimes, this phone call is the only personal contact the potential customer will have with your company. For this reason, companies that hire experienced representatives to answer the phone are much more successful than those that do not.

When potential customers call your business, it is expected that they will receive:

  • A quick and courteous response
  • Answers to their questions
  • Personalized service
  • Real personal interaction

With our team answering your calls, that’s exactly what they get.No more:

  • Redirected calls
  • Busy signals
  • Unanswered calls
  • Voicemails

A Superior Call Center

While we are happy to accommodate the needs of any company seeking a superior outsourced sales call center, we specialize in Communications and Home Services. Our team of call center professionals have years of experience handling calls for Internet service, satellite TV, home security and other home services.

Located in Jacksonville, Florida, we take pride in being an American-owned company that employs Americans and keeps jobs here at home. We use only the latest and best technology in the business, in order to consistently offer prompt, courteous and accurate sales experiences.

Our team brings you a track record of impressive results for a variety of customers from different industries.

Choose KPI Calls today for your call center needs and get unparalleled conversion and quality.